Private – Singing

We love living on the Central Coast of Australia and we believe we have some of the best performers right here on the Central Coast. So we have set up our pristine training facility in Wyoming to allow our local Central Coast singers to become the best they can be.

Unlike other singing schools around Australia, we do not try and change your singing voice to be an opera singer, nor do we train everyone to be musical theatre performers. We grab and hold onto the uniqueness of your voice and teach you to use it in a safe way that allows you to stretch your vocal range & improve the many colours your voice has to offer.

We specialise in Contemporary, Indie and alternative vocals for anyone from beginners to advanced singers. Each teacher at the studio has a different area they specialise in. Leisi Edmonds is one of the best Belt vocalists in Australia, which allows her to work with her contemporary singers but also rock singers and performers who want to open up their voice and learn how to really project safely.

Nate Butler covers all vocal styles and uses resonance and vowel placement to enrich his clients voices and allow them to achieve the best sound possible from their voice whilst keeping them in the style they want to perform in.

Jade Broos brings her youth and calming nature to the young students. She allows them to grasp their breathing technique, sing safely and purely. She also works with singer/guitar playing students helping them master their guitar skills along with their vocals.

So if you’re interested in learning how to sing, we would love to hear your story and see what we can do to help you.

Contact the studio to arrange lessons on: 02 4339 4642