Palm Tree Studios take on New York City +++ Reviews!!

Palm Tree Studios take on New York City!

Welcome to my blog on our 2018 tour to NYC (I have also included my thoughts on a few of the shows down below)

Every year Leisi and I take a group of Central Coast students to Broadway!

The students get to see a tonne of shows and meet other Aussies that have “made it” in the USA, as well as taking master classes with some of the worlds best performers and Musical Directors.

It is a once in a lifetime trip for these performers and their families.

In 2018,  23 of us took the trip!! It was awesome!!

We all went on an amazing tour with the team at Broadway Up Close

Tim Doolan and his Team are all performers or stage managers, who take you on a 2 hour tour around the theatre district. They tell stories and show clips and pics comparing the past to now and answering questions like “what is the difference between a broadway and an off broadway show?”

Answer… The number of seats in the theatre 🙂 Under 500 is off broadway.

They mix old theatre stories with personal anecdotes to make an awesome 2 hours of pounding the pavement with them!!

Then the magic happens!!


The students then take to the stage and perform at the worlds best Cabaret Venue!

54 Below

This is an epic morning watching each of our students perform @ this iconic venue!

OK here are my reviews:

Mean Girls –

I loved this show, so contemporary and amazing voices (it sounded like the cast recording!!)

I hadn’t seen the movie yet (I know right, totally crazy) so I had nothing to compare it with, so I could just enjoy the show.

Direction was slick and moved fast and we were at interval before we knew it. It was great to sit with Aussie Musical Director Issac Hayward and hear about his New York move as well!!


Sleep No More


Running around a 5 story warehouse in the dark watching Macbeth wearing masks that make you look like a Duck, doesn’t sound like a great night out but holy crap… This is amazing!

Finding different rooms, following different actors and viewing a different show each time (this is my 3rd year in a row seeing the same show and each time completely different).

This is so so crazy and you just step into a total other world for 3 hours. The performances are epic and the sets and lighting are amazing!!

This is my favourite form of theatre!! I will be back again next year!!

I was sooo pumped for this after it’s almost clean sweep at the Tony awards, but it just didn’t resonate with me at all. I am not sure if I just watched a cast not having a good day but I sat there and couldn’t figure out why it was so loved.

It seemed slow and I am not sure if I just didn’t get it? But I really didn’t enjoy this at all.


This is the 2nd year in a row I have seen this, last year I was blown away by this amazing piece of Theatre, so beautifully written/directed and with Ben Platt leading the cast wow wow wow.

This year we had a few new cast members. Taylor Trensch took over the lead and he was also amazing. He gave the role a whole new feel and sung it superbly.

Laura Dreyfuss is just wonderful in this role, so simple and elegant and amazing!!

Seeing it with different casts, both being as special as the other, really spelt out what an amazing show this is… probably the best musical I have ever seen live!!

OK more reviews at a later date 🙂

Students also went to:

Waitress, Hamilton, Chicago, Carousel and heaps of the shows!!!

So who wants to join us in 2019??

Email me for more info on how you can join us 🙂

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